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8/4/2017 2:17:29 AM

1. Do I need a hard drive?

Not all our DVRs come with a hard drive since some of our customers may already have their own hard drive and so will be looking to save cost. If you didn't purchase the kit with a hard drive, your DVR will still run just fine, although you won't be able to record and playback.

For a hard drive that should be fully compatible with your DVR, please check out for the following information:

-Connection interface: SATA 3 (SATA3 6Gb/s)

-Format: 3.5 Inches (WD, Seagate Surveillance HDD for Mira, Sirius Series DVR), 2.5 Inches (WD, HGST Surveillance HDD for Halley Series DVR)


Please refer to the tabulation for specific model numbers:

HDD Size

Halley DVR

Mira, Sirius DVR


HGST HCC545050A7E630

SkyHawk Series ST3500414CS

WD AV-25 Series WD5000BUDT


WD AV-25 Series WD10EURX

WD Purple Series WD10PURX

HGST HCC541010A9E630

SkyHawk Series ST1000VX005



WD Purple Series WD20PURZ


SkyHawk Series ST2000VX008



SkyHawk Series ST3000VX010


WD Purple Series WD30PURZ


2. How to remotely view on the mobile phone?

Step 1: Make sure DVR is connected to a well-functioning router using an Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Turn on Cloud Service. Go to Main Menu->Network Setting->Cloud Service->Enable (toggle on).

Step 3: Turn on "DHCP Enable" (green). (Main Menu->Network Setting->Network->Toggle on "DHCP Enable"->"OK").

Step 4: Reboot DVR system (Right click->Logout->Reboot). Re-login to your DVR after reboot (user name and password).

Step 5: Make sure Nat status is connected. (Main Menu->System Info (the upside down exclamation of sign "!")->Version->Nat Status).

Step 6: Download and install "Lynkn Pro" app.

    A. Available at Google Play and Apple App Store.

    B. Support Android 4.0/iOS 8.0 and above version.

Step 7: On the login interface, click "Use Immediately".

Step 8: Add DVR to Lynkn Pro app.

Click "+" sign on the upper right corner, then click "DVR".

Tap on "Manually Add", input: Device ID (Lynkn ID), Username (admin by default), Password (Leave it empty). Then click "Save".

Step 9: Click DVR on the app and access camera by using a mobile phone.


3. How to set up email alerts?

Note: You'd better use Gmail, not Yahoo or Hotmail.

Step 1: Make sure the DVR obtains the IP address automatically. Go to Main Menu->Network Setting->Network->DHCP Enable(Toggle on).

Step 2: Enable motion detection and email alert function.

    A. Go to Main Menu->Alarm Setting->Alarm Set->Motion->Enable(toggle on).

    B. Go to Motion->Channel, then select the channel for motion detection.

    C. Go to Motion->Advanced->Send Email(Toggle on)->OK.

Step 3: Go to Main Menu->Network Setting->EMAIL.

Step 4: Toggle on "Enable" (green) and input all necessary information.

SMTP server: SMTP server address for your email service provider.

Port: Port number used by your email service provider for SMTP.

SSL: Toggle the "Need SSL" to green to enable it.

User Name: Your email address.

Password: Your email password.

Sender: Input the sender's name you desire, e.g. Mr.Jones.

Receiver: The email address to receive the email alert. You can also use the same email address as the one in "User Name".

Title: This title serves as the "subject" when you receive an email alert.

Step 5: Click "Email Test" to see whether it is working or not.


4. How do I play back video recordings on DVR?

Step 1: Right click on the preview screen. Then click "Main Menu".

Step 2: Click Playback on the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Choose the date, channel and record mode. Then click "Search".

Step 4: Find the needed playback file and view it.


5. How do I log in if I lost password?

There is no password by default. If you didn't set the password before, just choose the user name (admin or guest) and leave the password field empty.

If you have forgotten the password created by yourself, you need to distinguish the DVR interface first. If the main color of your interface is blue, please send the current date of your device to our support email: shcs@elec.com. If the main color of your interface is green, please send the error code. Then we will provide you with the super password to log in.

Note: To avoid confusion, you can also send the snapshot of the DVR's interface to us, our support team will distinguish it for you.


6. How do I view the footage with no Internet and WIFI? (How do I use this without Internet?)

The DVR system can work normally without the internet connection. All the functions are supported except for remote access.


7. Can I add more cameras?

Yes, you can. If there are still available channels of your DVR, you can purchase cameras with the same parameter. Since ELEC has 4CH/8CH/16CH system, you can add cameras up to 8.


    1. Please make sure the camera is compatible with the DVR. To be specific, please purchase the 960H camera for 960H DVR and AHD camera for AHD DVR. (Recommended housing+bracket all-in-one camera)

    2. Accessories (Skip this part if you already have it)

        A. Power supply

        B. RG59 video cable (Recommended video+power all-in-one cable within 30m installation distance)

        C. 4-in-1 splitter

    3. Compatibility: For IP cameras, make sure it supports ONVIF protocol to avoid incompatibility.

We do sell cameras separately, so if you need or have any related questions, please contact us through your order ID or reach us at shcs@elec.com, and we will send the purchase link to you accordingly.

 8. Can I connect ELEC DVR to a computer ?
All our DVRs are like stand alone computers, so you SHOULD NOT directly connect them to your computer. Meanwhile, you   could use VGA/HDMI/BNC cable to hook up a monitor to ELEC DVR for live view. Such monitor could be LCD, TV Set, PC     Monitor. A TV set should be fine, although a monitor is still preferable.
By the way, you can hook ELEC DVR up to a computer via E-cloud for a remote view. 
Be informed this can only be done from a computer running Microsoft Windows.




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