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"Security" China Kodak interview with general manager Mr. Chen Weidong
6/12/2017 5:05:41 PM

On a global scale, there is a consensus on the big data, that is, the strategic significance of big data technology is not to grasp the huge data information, but that the data contained in the meaning of professional processing. In other words, if the big data compared to an industry, then the key to achieve profitability in this industry, is to improve the data processing capacity, through the processing of the data to achieve value-added". Combined with the security industry, it means that the big data must be closely combined with the needs of various industries, in order to truly reflect its value. In fact, with the perception of camera, big data and big data platform launched in public security, intelligent transportation and other areas of the ground, big data is quietly changing the security application especially in the application of video mode.


There is no doubt that big data applications play an increasingly important role in various industries, various security companies are also devoted to the development and application of large data, we interview to Suzhou Keda Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Mr. Chen Weidong, please the experience with enterprise experience, detailed history of big data and combined with the security and the data floor industry application experience, hope to inspire the industry Tongren reference.


China security:We know that the foundation and premise of big data is the availability of data or more data stack but also the castles in the air, but before 2014, the video data can be collected in front utilization rate is very low, big data seems to be far away from us, but in October 2014, Coda felt the camera turned out, sounded big data era, the video data can be used to be. What do you think of this?


Chen Weidong:There are a variety of smart IPC market before 2014, but its main position applied on the cordon, regional security alarm, and Kodak aware based intelligent video camera to analyze, identify the monitor screen content, and the semantic description and best picture capture on the back and then through the big data platform for analysis make, thinking and judgment instead of human.




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